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Shared Reading

Contrary to what is usually believed, even if children are able to decode, they may not be able to make meaning from the text. They need scaffolding and handholding of considerable duration from an early stage. This can be achieved effectively through shared reading where an adult reads a story book aloud along with the child. During shared reading, the adult asks the child to predict the storyline from the pictures. This prediction is referred to later in the light of how the story actually turns out.

What is Reading and Writing ?

Lipi defines ‘reading’ as a competence to make meaning from written language and ‘writing’ as a competence to express one's views, thoughts and feelings through print. The programme believes that the process of becoming literate is closely linked to a child’s developmental process and needs scaffolding from adults at a right time and in a right manner. Lipi tries to provide this scaffolding through its thoughtfully planned interventions.  

What is Lipi ?

Lipi is a comprehensive programme designed with the aim of helping Marathi medium Schools to strengthen their literacy instruction. Considering the alpha-syllabic nature of Devnagari script (the script used for writing the language Marathi) & the socioeconomic realities in which most of the Marathi medium schools operate, the programme tries to converge a few successful approaches to Early Literacy Instruction in Indian Languages.
Interventions under Lipi
  1. Emergent reading writing programme for pre-schools
  2. 16 unit graded programme for children in grade 1 to 3
  3. Literacy remediation programme