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Gopi and the Fireflies

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 05:58

Gopi had gone to visit grandma.
It was a very pleasant night, a gentle breeze was blowing.
He saw many lights outside his window.
They floated like golden stars in the darkness.
He wore his black woollen jumper and went out.
He could hear the croak of frogs, the chirp of crickets,
And the sound of drums.
He went to catch the green and gold flying lights but they moved away.
He ran around jumping up, and down, to catch one light.
Grandma came out and laughed.
“Those are fireflies,” she said.
“They glow and so they are called ‘glow worms’ too.
Other night animals do not try to prey on them because they glow bright.
You can catch them in a jar to look at them.
Then you must let them go.
That is the right thing to do.”
Gopi brought a glass jar and a few flew into the jar.
He closed the jar lightly.
He enjoyed looking at them.
Then he gently let them out and let them fly away.
One by one, until there were none left.


Ella the Elephant

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 05:40

When Ella was a baby elephant she would forget to eat because she loved to play. Her mother thought she was just being playful. But Ella had a problem. She could not remember.

She had many friends in the forest. The monkey Bholu, the giraffe Lamboo, the panther Panna, the fox Fakira, the many birds and even the little ants were her friends. She could not remember their names and so she called the monkey ‘Lamboo’ and the panther ‘Fakira’. Oh dear! She was very gentle with them and they loved her very much.

Sometimes she could not remember where she was going, so she would go to the wrong forest. The big lions would chase her away.Sometimes her mother would ask her to fetch coconuts and she would come back without anything in her trunk. Her special friend was the crocodile called Kirit. She never forgot his name. One day, after her mum had scolded her for squashing some fruit by sitting on them, she shed large elephant tears. “I am so sick of being forgetful,” she said to Kirit.

“I think I know what you can do,” said Kirit. “I have seen my old friend the cheetah do it. You should put a knot on your tail. Then you will remember that you have forgotten something. Think hard, and you will remember what it is.”

From that day onwards Ella could be seen with a knot on her tail and sometimes two or three knots to remind her of many things. But the names of her friends were still all mixed up. “Oh well,” she said, “I am not good with names, but I never forget a face.”





Mr. Phil Falls Ill

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 05:23

Mr. Phil is in bed and very ill.
He looks dull and pale.
His body is full of pain.
He says he has the chills.
How could Mr. Phil fall ill?
He eats well, and does his drill.
Dr. Small is not very tall.
He looks at Mr. Phil’s mouth.
He looks at Mr. Phil’s tongue.
“You have caught a bug. Did you eat street food?” asks Dr. Small.
“I ate a pie in a stall in the mall, that’s all! How can that make me ill?” says Mr. Phil.
“Well, it did do that,” says Dr. Small. “Now take this red pill and this blue one. Drink a full jug of water each day and you will be well Mr. Phil.”















'Container Classroom' at Uchaat inaugurated on August 28, 2016

QUEST has been conducting various activities under its 'Saksham' program at the Uchaat High School, Wada Taluka, since 2015. QUEST recently installed a 'container classroom' at the school in Uchaat. This classroom has been created by 'Studio Alternatives', using a discarded ship container. It was formally inaugurated by Mr. and Makhijani, who provided financial support for this initiative thorugh Lions' Club.

An exhibition of QUEST's work was organized on this occasion, and the GoshtaRang team presented a story, which was appreciated by students, parents and teachers alike!





on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 15:00

Usha Pandit (2011) Empowering English Grade 2 Mindsprings Publication; Pg. 67

Once upon a time there was a fox. He was very hungry and he looked around for some food. He was very tired so he sat under a tall tree. Suddenly a crow flew up to the tree. The crow sat on a branch. But it did not caw because in its beak the crow had a piece of cheese. The cheese made the fox’s mouth water. Then the fox thought of a plan to get the cheese from the crow. He looked up at the crow and said, “Hello Mr. Crow, how are you today?” The crow did not say anything. He just looked at the fox. Then the fox began to praise the crow. “How lovely your feathers are,” he said. The crow just listened and said nothing. Then the fox praised the crow some more. “Your voice must be sweeter than a nightingale’s voice,” said the cunning fox. “Why don’t you sing me a song?” The foolish crow was very pleased. He forgot he had the cheese in his beak. He began to sing loudly. The cheese fell down and the fox leapt on it and ran into the forest taking the cheese with him.


The Dinosaur who had no friends

on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 14:55

Usha Pandit (2011) Empowering English Grade 3 Mindsprings Publication; Pg. 8

Bruno the dinosaur sat under a large fern and watched all the other animals at play. No one played with him because he was so big. They ran away as soon as they saw him. There was a good reason for this. His cousins were very mean and rough with the animals. They thought he was the same.

He did not like to play with his cousins. They would fight with him. They would run around the forest and rip the trees. They would roar and grunt and growl at everyone in sight. They would pounce and stomp and shove to scare everyone to show their might.

Bruno was gentle. He loved the flowers and the grass. He liked to sit near the river and play in the water. He gave the animals a bright smile but they trembled in fright.

One lonely day Bruno’s eyes filled up. He wished someone would play with him. A rabbit who was new in the forest saw Bruno sitting with his head between his big feet looking miserable. “Hello,” said the rabbit, “I am Big Ears.”

Bruno wiped his eyes and smiled at the rabbit. “Hello,” he called back in a cheerful voice. “Will you be my friend? My name is Bruno.”

Sure, Bruno, I will be your friend,” replied Big Ears.

So they played by the river bank happily, sailing leaves in the sunlight and watching the colourful fish swimming. Bruno felt better. He was not bitter anymore.

When the other animals saw them they were surprised. “Bruno is fun to be with,” they said to one another. “He is not like the other dinosaurs. He is all right.” Slowly, they went up to him and said hello. Bruno was thrilled.

Now Bruno has a lot of friends and he is never lonely. Naturally, Big Ears is his best buddy.


The Crow and the Snake

on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 14:49

Usha Pandit (2011) Empowering English Grade 3 Mindsprings Publication


A huge banyan tree stood tall in the middle of a forest. In this tree there lived a pair of crows with their small family.

One day, a snake came to live in the hole at the bottom of the tree. The crows were worried but they did not say anything.

After a few days, the female crow laid a batch of eggs. When the crows went in search of food, the snake crawled up the tree and stole the eggs. When the crows came back they searched for the eggs but could not find them.

After a few months, the female crow laid some more eggs. This time the female crow stayed in the nest, while the male crow went out to fetch some food. After a while, the snake came out to sun himself. The female crow was keeping a watchful eye on her eggs. The bold snake swiftly moved up the tree, and took her eggs. The crow began to call for help. Hearing the crow shriek, the other crows came to help but the snake had already eaten the eggs and slithered back into its hole. The crows were miserable. If this went on, their eggs would never hatch into babies. They didn’t know what to do about the snake.

The male crow had a friend in the forest. He searched for him and found the big black bear scratching himself against the big oak tree.

The bear said, “Both of you seem to be very sad. What happened?” The crows replied, “We have a big problem. A snake eats up our eggs. We do not know what to do.” The bear was clever. He thought for a few minutes and came up with a good plan.

Listen carefully,” he said, “In the morning, go to the river bank where the queen and the ladies of the royal family bathe. They keep their clothes and jewels in a large open box on the river bank. Go and pick up a necklace from the box and fly away making a loud noise. This will make the guards chase you to the tree. Drop the necklace into the hole of the snake. To get the necklace back, the guards will have to catch the snake.”

The crows did as they were told. The guards ran after the cawing crows and came to the tree. They saw them drop the necklace into the snake hole. The snake was sleeping inside its hole. To get it out, the guards gathered some twigs, and placed them around the snake hole at the bottom of the tree. They set a match to it. The snake came out of the hole and was caught and taken away by a snake catcher.

The necklace was returned to the queen. The crows thanked their friend the bear. Now they lived happily with their young ones on the banyan tree.


The Ant and The Grasshopper

on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 14:39

Usha Pandit (2011) Empowering English Grade 3 Mindsprings Publication

Once, near a field, there lived an ant and a grasshopper. All day long the ant worked hard, collecting little grains of wheat. She picked them up one by one and took them to her anthill home. She worked without rest, stopping only for a bite of lunch.

The grasshopper would look at her and laugh. “Why do you work so hard, dear ant?” he asked her. “Come and listen to my song. It is summer. The days are bright and sweet. Why waste the best days with rough work and sweat?”

The ant heard him but did not speak. She just worked on. “What a silly little ant you are!” the grasshopper said. “Soon the summer will be gone and you will be sorry for not enjoying these sunny days.” So saying, the grasshopper danced and sang around the ant.

Soon autumn came, and then winter. The sun was not to be seen. The days were short and grey, the nights long and dark. It became freezing cold, and snow began to fall.

The grasshopper was cold and hungry. He had nothing to eat. The field was dry and there was no food to be found anywhere. “Oh what shall I do? Where shall I go?” said the grasshopper. He thought of the ant. “I shall go to the ant and ask her for food.”

Then he remembered how he had made fun of the ant and laughed at her. How could he ask her for food now? The grasshopper was so weak that he sank near the anthill’s door. The ant peeped out and looked at the cold and dying grasshopper. She took him in and gave him some warm food.

All summer long you worked hard while I made fun of you,” said the grasshopper. “I should have thought of the winter then. I have been a fool. Will you forgive me?”

Of course I forgive you. You have been foolish. It is good that you know now that you must work hard and find food when the days are bright, so that you have enough to eat during the tough times,” said the kind ant.

Grandpa’s Glasses

on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 14:21

Usha Pandit (2011) Empowering English Grade 1 Mindsprings Publication; Pg. 50


Gradpa wanted to read the newspaper.

He settled down in his armchair.

He took the morning paper onto his lap.

He looked for his reading glasses on the table.

They were not there.

He looked under the table.

They were not there.

He went to his bedroom and searched.

They were not on the bed or in the cupboard.

They were not on top of the shelf.

Oh where could they be,” wondered grandpa.

He called out to grandma.

Have you seen my glasses?” he asked her.

Grandma came to the room to search.

She looked at grandpa and laughed.

They are on top of your head,” she said.

He had pushed his reading glasses on top of his head.

Grandpa laughed too.



A Big Quiet House

on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 14:07

Usha Pandit (2011) Empowering English Grade 1 Mindsprings Publication

There was once a man who wished his small, noisy house was larger and quieter. He went to the wise old woman of the town and explained his need. She said, “I can solve your problem. Just do as I say.” The man agreed. “If you have a chicken, some sheep, a horse and a cow,” she said, “bring them into the house with you.” “That’s a silly thing to do,” thought the old man. But he did it anyway. Now his house was already small, and with all those animals in it, there was no room at all. He returned to the old woman and cried, “I need more room! The animals are so noisy I can’t think!” “Take all the animals out of your dwelling,” she replied. When he had put all the animals comfortably back in the barn, the man went into the house. To his amazement, it suddenly looked remarkably bigger! Without the animals inside, his house was now quiet too!