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'Extraordinary Early Childhood Education Leadership Award' for Nilesh Nimkar!

The QUEST team is happy and proud that Nilesh Nimkar (Director, QUEST) received the Extraordinary Early Childhood Education Leadership Award, given by Education World magazine! The award was given at Bangalore on January 21st, during a conference on Early Childhood Education! He accepted this award on behalf of the Ankur team of QUEST, the Anganwadi workers and supervisors, whose work was recognized through this award!
क्वेस्टचे संचालक नीलेश निमकर यांना २१ जानेवारी रोजी बंगलोर इथे 'एज्युकेशन वर्ल्ड' मासिकातर्फे दिला जाणारा Extraordinary Early Childhood Education Leadership पुरस्कार देण्यात

Q 10 - स्नेहमेळावा - Celebrating 10 years of QUEST!

On January 1, 2017, QUEST completed 10 years of its existence! A get-together of all QUESTians - old and new - was held on Jan. 7-8, to celebrate the completion of 10 years! A lot of fun, games, presentations, reminiscing about the past, visualizing for the future! (Photos: Pramod Kamble)

क्वेस्टला १० वर्ष पूर्ण झाली त्यानिमित्त सर्व जुन्या - नव्या क्वेस्ट टीम मेम्बर्सचा स्नेहमेळावा ७-८ जानेवारीला झाला. खूप मज्जा, खेळ, गप्पा, सादरीकरण, जुन्या आठवणींना उजाळा आणि भविष्यासाठी योजना! (फोटो: प्रमोद कांबळे)


Pustak Gadi project launched in Pune - January 2017

QUEST's Pustak Gadi project has now started in Pune! In collaboration with Rotary Club Pune NIBM and Nelson, the project will reach out to about 1700 children from 5 schools in Pune, over 3 years. The main visible attraction is the 'Pustak Gadi' iteself, a van which will go from school to school, carrying lots of books in Marathi and English. The trained team of QUEST will travel in the van and conduct reading activities in the schools, which will create a print-friendly environment as well as excite children to read - this will also help them improve their literacy skills.


Teacher training at Dhule for Saksham Program - Jan. 2017

QUEST's senior project officer Archana Kulkarni conducting a workshop for Ashram School teachers in Pimpalner & Waki (Dhule district), where QUEST's Saksham program is operating. The teachers (re) learnt fractions and other basic mathematical operations! Archana also provided on-site support to teachers during their classroom sessions and interacted with the students.


Teacher training at Nanded for Saksham Program - Jan. 2017

Training of teachers at Sagroli (Nanded), for QUEST's Saksham program was conducted by resource person Meena Nimkar on January 2-5, 2017. The teachers learnt how to use the special level-based books designed by QUEST, and also learnt how to conduct active library sessions.


QUEST presentation at ECE Conference, Bengaluru, Nov. 7-8, 2016

At the National Conference on Re-defining the Early Childhood Education Development Profession in India held at Bengaluru on Nov. 7-8, 2016, Nilesh Nimkar (Director, QUEST) gave a presentation on QUEST's Ankur program, In the panel discussion that followed, and the informal conversations during the conference, everyone appreciated the depth and commitment seen in the presentation! 


Vaachan Prerana Din - October 15, 2016

October 15, the birth anniversary of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is celebrated as 'Vaachan Prerana Din'. The QUEST team members celebrated this day at their various project locations.

In the Anganwadis at Dhapad and Viveknagar, QUEST's Ankur team conducted various reading activities with children, parents and teachers. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed spending time with books and stories!


At the Ashram School in Kavale (Palghar dist.), QUEST's PustakGadi project team organized poetry reading, treasure hunt with books, games based on book titles etc.

'Container Classroom' at Uchaat inaugurated on August 28, 2016

QUEST has been conducting various activities under its 'Saksham' program at the Uchaat High School, Wada Taluka, since 2015. QUEST recently installed a 'container classroom' at the school in Uchaat. This classroom has been created by 'Studio Alternatives', using a discarded ship container. It was formally inaugurated by Mr. and Makhijani, who provided financial support for this initiative thorugh Lions' Club.

An exhibition of QUEST's work was organized on this occasion, and the GoshtaRang team presented a story, which was appreciated by students, parents and teachers alike!




Workshop for principals of Ashram School from Jawhar district - June 22, 2016

QUEST's project supported by Read Alliance will now be operational in 20 Ashram Schools in Jawhar district! On June 22, 2016, a workshop was held for principals of these 20 schools to orient them about these various programs and activities. An exhibition was also set up to explain the activities of QUEST's 'Saksham', 'Lipi' and 'Pustakgadi' programs.
'रीड अलायन्स' च्या साहाय्याने चालणारे क्वेस्टचे 'सक्षम', 'लिपी' हे कार्यक्रम आता जव्हारमधील २० आश्रमशाळांत सुरू होणार आहेत!

पागेर - a magazine by Grade 4-7 students

Students of Grades 4-7 from Pali and Gargao Ashram Schools have prepared this magazine, 'पागेर'. It contains articles, stories, jokes, drawings and crosswords, prepared entirely by the students. QUEST runs the 'Literacy Enhancement in Ashram Schools' project in these schools. The QUEST team's efforts, along with those of the students, can be seen in this magazine!

गारगाव आणि पाली गावातील आश्रम शाळांमधल्या इ. चौथी ते सातवीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांनी बनवलेलं हे हस्तलिखित - 'पागेर'. क्वेस्टतर्फे या शाळांमध्ये 'Literacy Enhancement in Ashram Schools' हा प्रकल्प चालतो. त्या अंतर्गत मुलं आता छान लिहिती