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Visitors in February 2016: Mobile Creches, Mr Ketan Gala, Save the Children India

February has been a busy month for the QUEST team! Several visitors have come to the Sonale centre to see QUEST's work and activities. 

Feb. 9: Twenty seven teachers & ECE trainees from Mobile Creches visited Anganwadis at Tilase & Dhapad to see QUEST's work in Early Childhood Education. They were happy to learn from the experiences of the QUEST team!


Feb. 9: Mr Ketan Gala of Navneet Publications has been a donor and supporter of QUEST for many years. He came to Sonale and saw the posters and communication material developed for the Ankur Program. He also had a detailed meeting with QUEST's director, Nilesh Nimkar.

Feb. 10: Two persons from 'Save the Children India' arrived at the Sonale Centre, where the team members shared a presentation about QUEST. They saw the activities in the Anganwadi & Balbhavan at Gargao, and tried to understand how Marathi & Math are taught and daily planning is done by the Balmitras.