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Samjun – Umjoon Workshop (April 2-5, 2015)

A workshop called ‘समजून-उमजून’ was conducted by the QUEST team from April 2-5, 2015. Anyone interested in Elementary Education was invited to participate in it. Over 45 persons from various places in Maharasthra attended the workshop. Among them, there were Zilla Parishad school teachers, Active Teachers Forum members, new Balmitras from the QUEST team, teachers from institutions run by other NGOs as well as teachers from private Marathi & English medium schools.
Purpose of the Workshop
To understand the importance of theories and practices of pedagogy to go hand in hand
To develop a vision for selection of available options from theory and practices along with valid individual reasoning
To raise ability to eliminate, select and process the available information 
To develop the ability to take decisions with conscious understanding (समजून-उमजून) 
Dateकार्यक्रमResource Person/sContent
02/04/2015 सप्रात्यक्षिक प्रदर्शन : शिक्षण एक नवी दिशाQUEST teamExhibition of teaching aids and demonstration of teaching methods by the QUEST team
 शाळेबाहेरचे शिक्षणKishore Kathole & Students from Dadhare villageDialogue with students & teachers from Dadhare village, who worked on projects for National Children’s Science Congress, which got selected at the national level – how they chose some local themes for their projects and how the work continues with the villagers
 परस्पर परिचय आणि क्वेस्ट संस्थेच्या कामाबाबत सादरीकरणNilesh Nimkar & QUEST teamScreening of a short film about QUEST and introduction of participants
03/04/2015वाचन म्हणजे काय?Nilesh NimkarUnderstanding the process of comprehension through reading v/s listening
 अंकुरती साक्षरता : संकल्पना व मह्त्त्व Nilesh NimkarScreening of films to understand concepts of Early Literacy – how children understand sounds and form ideas of the written word
 लिपी परिचय : काही मह्त्त्वाचे मुद्देNilesh NimkarImportant aspects of Early Literacy for teaching writing
 शिक्षकांसाठी कृतीसंशोधन, भाग – 1 & 2Kishore DarakWhat is Action Research? How should teachers undertake Action Research?
04/04/2015मुलांचे प्रतिसादात्मक लिखाण : एक कृती संशोधनNilesh NimkarHow a child learnt to write: Learning from an action research study
 क्षेत्रभेटQUEST teamField visits by participants to see Anganwadi, Balbhavan and Active Library 
 प्रभावी गणित शिक्षणाचे पैलू Nilesh NimkarImportant aspects of teaching Math in Primary school
 बेरजी विचार - गुणाकारी विचारNilesh Nimkar and Pralhad KatholeHow different thought processes operate while learning addition-subtraction and multiplication-division
 ग़ुणाकार भागाकाराचा अर्थविस्तार : गुणोत्तर-प्रमाण शिकण्याची पूर्वतयारीNilesh NimkarScreening of films to demonstrate how a teacher used unit-wise lesson plans to teach multiplication, division and ratios
05/04/2015अपूर्णांकांशी संबंधित मानस-प्रतिमाNilesh Nimkar and Pralhad KatholeWhat images do children formulate while learning fractions and how to deal with them
 Fractions they know-Fractions they teachNilesh Nimkar and Pralhad KatholePresentation of Action Research by a Zilla Parishad teacher on teaching fractions (presented at an international conference)