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Saksham Program: Art & Craft workshop at KGBV, Jalna, July 2015

Resource Perosn Prashant Bane conducted a series of workshops on 'Collage' for students of KGBV schools, between July 13th & 21, 2015. Held in 7 different schools in Jalna district, a total of 674 girls from grades 6th to 8th attended the workshops. 

The resource person demonstrated how to create collages, using waste paper, old newspapers etc. Many students were familiar with the technique, but had never tried it before. They were divided into small groups, and each group worked on a creating a large collage. The younger students were having some difficulties, but the older students were helping them readily. Later, they worked on smaller, individual pieces as well. The students thoroughly enjoyed this creative work!