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QUESTians go for an 'exposure visit' to Pune... Feb. 16-17, 2017

A joint exposure visit for teams of Pune Pustakgadi, Sonale Pustakgadi , Balbhavan, School support centre was organised on  February 16-17, 2017 at Pune.  The teams visited 3 renowned institutions - Raja Kelkar Museum, Muktangan Science Centre at IUCAA and Aksharnandan School.

Raja Kelkar Museum:

(What is तटप्पलगई ????  Google does not have answers to each and every question!!!)

The teams had their rendezvous with the past while moving through the galleries of this museum.  Unlike the other conventional museums, the exhibits in this museum reflect the lifestyle of ‘commoners and the moderately affluent’ from the bygone years. The exclusivity of the royals and nobility also finds a place but those exhibits are few and far between. Exhibit sections such as utensils and kitchenware, lamps, fabric and textiles, Musical instruments, ornaments, vintage doors and windows etc are arranged in the three floors of the museum.

Indeed the ever flying time seems to take a breather and our relationship with the past seems to get better upon visiting such places.  

(तटप्पलगई ???? It’s a musical instrument from south India)


Muktangan Science Centre

(The concept and phenomena of convergence and divergence of light rays getting reflected from concave and convex mirrors can be demonstrated using……??)

The IUCAA (Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics) runs the Muktangan Science Centre under its auspices for more than a decade.  The sole objective in establishing this facility at IUCAA is to inculcate the love of science among children. They do this through demonstrations of scientific concepts using easily available articles like straws, ice cream sticks, simple magnets and so on so forth.  Renowned persons like Pu la Deshpande , Jayant Narlikar, Arvind Gupta have been at the helm of this initiative under different capacities and the work has been carried on by Ashok Rupner , Shivaji Mane and others.

The QUEST team was treated to an hour and half long demonstration of various experiments using simple objects which can be shared with the students in the field.  They also tried out the experiments themselves.  The team visited ‘science park’ in the vicinity which had a setup of experiments designed in the shape of play equipment.

( ………. a few pencils and an old slipper!)

Aksharnandan School

(Where they teach ‘Say Yes only if know you want to, otherwise ‘No’ is not a bad word!’)

A well-known experimental school in Pune known for inculcating core values of education amongst its teachers and students alike, Aksharnandan school has been associated with QUEST in various ways over the years. This team had the opportunity to observe and interact with the stakeholders regarding the practices and principles and methods of the institution.

The school had charted a detailed visit plan aligned with their timetable and prepared time slots for observing, discussing and sharing the facets ofthe school system. The teachers handling different subject heads viz Math, Marathi, English and Library had separate detailed discussions with the members. The teachers demonstrated various teaching aids used by them.  The QUESTians had classroom observation sessions and had a firsthand account of practices followed.  The school had also arranged the display of exhibits prepared by the students.

(Report: Rohit Chaudhary, Photos: Pramod Kamble)