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QUEST team visits Anand Niketan, Wardha

QUEST's Balbhavan team went for an exposure visit to Nayee Taleem, Anand Niketan, Wardha. The school was started by Mahatma Gandhi on the philosophy of Nayee Taleem (Learning while doing). Balmitras attended different sessions in the school. They met a teacher from Anand Niketan, Wardha who was also a student when the school was started by Mahatma Gandhi. Students from the school taught Balmitras how to spin Khadi using Peti Charkha. The QUEST team was inspired to see various activities being carried out in school, specially outdoor work like gardening and games along with paper folding and music. The Balmitras attended a session at the Anganwadi and learnt a lot from that teacher. All QUEST visitors observed that the students in Anand Niketan looked very happy!