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Pustak Gadi Program inaugurated on Feb 22, 2015

The Tribal Development Department of Maharashtra Government has launched a new project – “Pustakgadi” - in collaboration with QUEST.

Pustakgadi is a Mobile Active Library programme for students of Ashram schools.  The programme aims to broaden children’s horizons by providing them with not just books but also supporting activities. Pustakgadi is a van with books, a computer and projector, a screen to display children's movies, solar panel and inverters. Trained QUEST employees travel in the van, visit 2 Ashram Schools a day and conduct reading activities and presentations for children from grade 1 to 7​.

This library will help nurture a reading habit among school children and create a ‘reading culture’ in the schools.

Pustakgadi Program was inaugurated by Shri Vishnuji Savra, Hon. Minister, Tribal Development, Govt. of Maharashtra, on February 22, 2015, in a function held at Sonale. An exhibition on QUEST’s various projects and initiatives was also held on this occasion. Teachers and parents from the nearby villages as well as educationists and QUEST’s well-wishers from Mumbai & Pune were present in large numbers for this function.

A short news clipping of the event can be seen here (from TV 9 Marathi news channel):