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My Fluffy Cat

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 11:47

My cat is a fluffy little ball of brown fur.
When he was a small kitten he used to squeak.
So we named him Squeak.
He is playful and fun o watch.
He bats pieces of paper and wool.
He jumps after a rubber ball.
He drinks milk and eats cat food.
He is very careful when he walks on the table.
He hunts and brings in a live rat into the house.
My sister does not like this gift,
My sister is scared of rats.
She squeals and screams.
Dad takes the rat and lets it out in the garden.
The rat hurries into the bushes as fast as he can.
Squeak has brought us many gifts to show his love.
A bird, a frog, and even a tiny rabbit.
He holds them gently so they are not hurt,
They are always let out safe and sound.