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Mr. Phil Falls Ill

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 05:23

Mr. Phil is in bed and very ill.
He looks dull and pale.
His body is full of pain.
He says he has the chills.
How could Mr. Phil fall ill?
He eats well, and does his drill.
Dr. Small is not very tall.
He looks at Mr. Phil’s mouth.
He looks at Mr. Phil’s tongue.
“You have caught a bug. Did you eat street food?” asks Dr. Small.
“I ate a pie in a stall in the mall, that’s all! How can that make me ill?” says Mr. Phil.
“Well, it did do that,” says Dr. Small. “Now take this red pill and this blue one. Drink a full jug of water each day and you will be well Mr. Phil.”