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Manu Kaka’s Special Pets

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 11:41

Some people have dogs and some have cats.
Some keep fish, and some like parrots for pets.
Manu kaka has odd pets.
He lives in a big house.
It has a large pond at the back.
He has a black alligator that eats fish for snacks.
At home, he keeps four pet tortoises.
One of them is a hundred years old.
They eat green leaves and vegetables.
He also has a big elephant in his courtyard.
The elephant eats stacks of sugarcane and coconuts.
In one room Manu kaka has a glass tank full of snakes.
They need a dozen eggs to eat in a day.
When he was younger Manu kaka had a pet tiger.
It gave his friends a fright.
He gave it away to the zoo.
Manu kaka says that he is going to get a dinosaur.
My brother says Manu kaka is joking.