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Jack and the Bean Stalk

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 11:31

There was a young boy called Jack.

He lived with his mother in a shack.

They did not own much and were poor.

They did have an old brown cow.

It stopped giving any milk.

So mother said, ‘let us sell this old cow’.

Jack frowned and said, “How can we sell our cow now?”

Mother scowled.

So Jack walked slowly to town.

To sell the old brown cow. He found a thin man with his hat over his brow

Who showed Jack five small beans to sow.

The beans are magic vowed the man.

They will grow into a big strong tree.

“Wow,” said Jack and sold the cow for the beans.

Jack’s mother said “You are late.

Where have you been?” When Jack told her he had sold the cow for beans, she was very cross.

“I have never seen such a foolish boy!” she growled.

She threw the beans out of the window,

And Jack had to sleep without any meal.

The next day his room was in shadow Of a thick bean stalk that had grown in the night.

What a sight it was!

Jack climbed up the tall bean stalk and saw

A large giant with a crown sitting at the table.

He was counting a stack of money.

Under the table was a sack of gold.

Jack saw that the sack was his father’s.

He knew that the giant had stolen the gold.

He hid from the big giant and Waited for him to fall asleep.

Jack crept up to the gold, took it,

And ran down the tree.

The giant woke up and ran after him.

Jack ran faster and got to the ground.

Clever Jack showed everyone his father’s sack.

The giant was taken away by the giant police.

Mother and Jack are now rich.

They proudly own a big house in town.