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Gopi and the Fireflies

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 05:58

Gopi had gone to visit grandma.
It was a very pleasant night, a gentle breeze was blowing.
He saw many lights outside his window.
They floated like golden stars in the darkness.
He wore his black woollen jumper and went out.
He could hear the croak of frogs, the chirp of crickets,
And the sound of drums.
He went to catch the green and gold flying lights but they moved away.
He ran around jumping up, and down, to catch one light.
Grandma came out and laughed.
“Those are fireflies,” she said.
“They glow and so they are called ‘glow worms’ too.
Other night animals do not try to prey on them because they glow bright.
You can catch them in a jar to look at them.
Then you must let them go.
That is the right thing to do.”
Gopi brought a glass jar and a few flew into the jar.
He closed the jar lightly.
He enjoyed looking at them.
Then he gently let them out and let them fly away.
One by one, until there were none left.