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Ella the Elephant

on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 05:40

When Ella was a baby elephant she would forget to eat because she loved to play. Her mother thought she was just being playful. But Ella had a problem. She could not remember.

She had many friends in the forest. The monkey Bholu, the giraffe Lamboo, the panther Panna, the fox Fakira, the many birds and even the little ants were her friends. She could not remember their names and so she called the monkey ‘Lamboo’ and the panther ‘Fakira’. Oh dear! She was very gentle with them and they loved her very much.

Sometimes she could not remember where she was going, so she would go to the wrong forest. The big lions would chase her away.Sometimes her mother would ask her to fetch coconuts and she would come back without anything in her trunk. Her special friend was the crocodile called Kirit. She never forgot his name. One day, after her mum had scolded her for squashing some fruit by sitting on them, she shed large elephant tears. “I am so sick of being forgetful,” she said to Kirit.

“I think I know what you can do,” said Kirit. “I have seen my old friend the cheetah do it. You should put a knot on your tail. Then you will remember that you have forgotten something. Think hard, and you will remember what it is.”

From that day onwards Ella could be seen with a knot on her tail and sometimes two or three knots to remind her of many things. But the names of her friends were still all mixed up. “Oh well,” she said, “I am not good with names, but I never forget a face.”