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The Dinosaur who had no friends

on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 14:55

Usha Pandit (2011) Empowering English Grade 3 Mindsprings Publication; Pg. 8

Bruno the dinosaur sat under a large fern and watched all the other animals at play. No one played with him because he was so big. They ran away as soon as they saw him. There was a good reason for this. His cousins were very mean and rough with the animals. They thought he was the same.

He did not like to play with his cousins. They would fight with him. They would run around the forest and rip the trees. They would roar and grunt and growl at everyone in sight. They would pounce and stomp and shove to scare everyone to show their might.

Bruno was gentle. He loved the flowers and the grass. He liked to sit near the river and play in the water. He gave the animals a bright smile but they trembled in fright.

One lonely day Bruno’s eyes filled up. He wished someone would play with him. A rabbit who was new in the forest saw Bruno sitting with his head between his big feet looking miserable. “Hello,” said the rabbit, “I am Big Ears.”

Bruno wiped his eyes and smiled at the rabbit. “Hello,” he called back in a cheerful voice. “Will you be my friend? My name is Bruno.”

Sure, Bruno, I will be your friend,” replied Big Ears.

So they played by the river bank happily, sailing leaves in the sunlight and watching the colourful fish swimming. Bruno felt better. He was not bitter anymore.

When the other animals saw them they were surprised. “Bruno is fun to be with,” they said to one another. “He is not like the other dinosaurs. He is all right.” Slowly, they went up to him and said hello. Bruno was thrilled.

Now Bruno has a lot of friends and he is never lonely. Naturally, Big Ears is his best buddy.