‘Lokprabha’ weekly (Marathi) covers QUEST’s online programmes


The QUEST team is happy to inform the readers that a reputed Marathi weekly – ‘Lokprabha’ – has published a series of articles on QUEST’s online curriculum. Lokprabha has covered the efforts of the QUEST team on the occasion of World Technology Day, which is celebrated on May 11.

QUEST’s online programme is the first ever to be initiated in a regional language and has potential to revolutionize Teachers’ training system across India. A detailed article by Rammohan Khanapurkar on the curriculum is available on this link: http://www.lokprabha.com/lokprabha/20120518/cover_story.htm

Renowned actor Atul Kulkarni, who is the President of the Board of Trustees of QUEST, has expressed his thoughts in an article here: http://www.lokprabha.com/lokprabha/20120518/manogat.htm

A compilation of responses from people who have visited our online forum can be found on this link: http://www.lokprabha.com/lokprabha/20120518/shikkshakanchi_net_bhet.htm